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2021 Texas A&M University


The Texas A&M Energy Research Society, in partnership with the Texas A&M Energy Institute, is pleased to present the Fifth Annual Texas A&M Conference on Energy 

The two-day conference will feature plenary lectures, oral and poster presentations, panel discussions and several networking opportunities, all with strong participation from industry, government, and academia.

The conference emphasizes the energy research landscape at the university via a variety of themes:

  1. Multi-scale Energy Systems Engineering

  2. Fossil & Renewables Based Technologies for Energy

  3. Energy Efficiency & Economics

  4. Safety in Energy Applications

  5. Energy Law, Policy, and Societal Impact

  6. Big Data Applications in Energy

       and many more …

E V E N T  D E T A I L S


Texas A&M University Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, Postdoctoral Associates, Faculty Members, Industrial Representatives, Government Representatives


December 2-3, 2021*


​Rudder Tower, Texas A&M University

The conference will showcase the facets of the energy-related research at Texas A&M with a diverse set of technical sessions and strong participation from Texas A&M students. The plenary sessions will aim to bring influential people to the campus from industry and government to explain their work.

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