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Texas A&M's Conference on Energy

Every year the Texas A&M Energy Research Society hosts the Conference on Energy for the state of Texas. This event focuses on new and ground breaking advancements pertaining to both the petroleum and renewable sectors of energy. The different events within the Conference on Energy include keynote energy industry speakers along with plenary, poster, and network sessions.


Join Us For Various Topics


- Listen to current researchers and professionals of the industry to further grow your knowledge and understanding of key ground breaking energy topics.

Poster Sessions

- Hear from current research students in regards to their work and energy related fields.


Ravindra Aglave

Director for Chemical & Process Industries in the STS (Simulation & Test) sub-segment of Siemens Digital Industry Software.

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Zainub Noor

Director of Innovation and Scouting segment at Halliburton Labs

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Colin D. Judge

Characterization & Post-Irradiation Examination Director at Idaho National Laboratory (INL)

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Dawn Scates

Department Manager Integrated Energy and Market Analysis at Idaho National Laboratory (INL)

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Narayan Ramesh

Lead R&D Director, Engineering & Process Sciences (E&PS), Core R&D at The Dow Chemical Company

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Anchal Jatale

North America Industry Lead- Oil & Gas at Ansys

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