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Texas A&M Energy Research Society

The Texas A&M Energy Research Society (ERS) is a community established by the Texas A&M Energy Institute for undergraduate & graduate students and postdoctoral fellows conducting energy-related research under an Energy Institute faculty affiliate.

ERS aims to create a dynamic and synergistic environment within Texas A&M University through technical and social events.

As the members of our society prepare to launch their careers in academia, industry, or government, ERS will organize events to showcase energy-related research at Texas A&M, promote collaborations, and enhance interactions with industrial communities.

Our aim is to represent all students and researchers in the field of energy and provide them with a platform to develop and improve their training; encourage and strengthen their research and provide opportunities for social interaction.

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Our Mission

The Energy Research Society, serving as the student body of Texas A&M Energy Institute, exists to work for students and researchers in area of energy to ensure that their needs are understood, advocated, and promoted through education, research, and learning.

Meet The Team

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